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It is a simple program to protect the system from malicious attacks from network and internet applications. It creates security layer in form of firewall to protect the computer. It has powerful capability of testing and blocking the malicious programs and provides enhanced security. The higher program control is provided and asks for permission at the time of launching application. The program is very effective with great flexibility for protecting the system from hackers. It gives complete security and considered to be a good choice for opting enhanced security. The main benefit of using this software is that it protects and filters incoming and outgoing traffic and the malware is detected in overall computer to protect the system.


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  • Web content filtration is very useful
  • Supports Windows Vista and XP
  • Incoming and outgoing filtration process
  • Private information is protected and kept out of the reach of hackers
  • Works well with other antivirus and antispyware
  • Easy use and fast process
  • It has a very powerful host intrusion and prevention system


  • The configurations of basic program control are trusted and reliable for protecting the system with testing techniques.
  • Easy to access and provide good protection against leakage of data.
  • It can be used conveniently by naive users without specific knowledge of system protection.
  • Popup blockers alerts the user but do not nag continuously for updating the program and strive too much. The application will act according to the rules and definition of access given by users.


  • In case of enabled advanced control, many popups of confirmation are raised.
  • It can be disabled by malicious programs easily.
  • Inefficient password protection if setting section is accessed and while launching it next time, protection is not enforced properly.
  • No delimitation between the simple and advanced settings button.

Bottom Line

SunBelt Personal Firewall provides numerous controls without any pop-ups. The enhanced flexibility and powerful controls adds up to the features of software. The program can be used in different situations of malicious program suspects for protecting the system completely.

Publisher’s Description

Sunbelt Personal Firewall is a utility program with extensive controls and easy to use. The significant issues are addressed related to the network security and internet security of system. The subsequent testing system and other exceptional features of software enables better security and resolves the problem of malicious programs. It protects the system and alters for any suspicious activity in the system. It has simple interface and understanding of settings is also very easy. Clocking of Ads is a very important components in this program as it allows the user to have comfortable web surfing experience.

Change Log

The recent version have extended support of operating system, major improvements in the performance of network while conducting the process of web filtration. The process of injection prevention is enhanced for preventing the code inject attempts in system. Packet filtering is improved significantly. The application crashes are also improved. The issue of binary data appearing in logs and crashes in assist.exe is improved in recent version.


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