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Sygate Personal Firewall prevents the system from malicious programs over the network and seeks protection from various other suspects. The program is handy and have structured interface which can easily be used for protecting the system. The system tray icon provides access to the dialog windows by disabling the firewall quickly and application is very useful for beginners. Also, the program does not need heavy configuration settings to get started. The utility of program is that it connects with the web and network and evaluates the protective measures before along the access to computer. The permissions can also be set manually by advanced users for specific range of protocols and IPs. The application does not slows down the system as it consumes minimal space and the utility of password protection guards the system against unauthorized access of users, changes in settings and turning off the firewall. The complete prevention system allows users to be confident about the privacy of data in system.

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Sygate Personal Firewall is a great technology with one of the most effective PC firewall and desktop security solution. It is launched with bi-directional intrusion system of protection for home users while the advanced users can utilize protocol driver level protection and code insertion prevention. The program prevents the computer from malicious hackers and intruders so as to prevent unauthorized access of computer over the network. The program has various security measures for the computers connecting to private or public network. The network security is at high risk as it contains private data related to personal, business and financial information. Therefore, the security has to be very effective to keep system safe and secure from malicious programs. The active scan vulnerability assessment of program also protects the system with fine security policies.


  • Email notifications for any event of security
  • Network traffic can be clearly seen in graph
  • Experienced users can provide user defined rules for better protection
  • Block all button is very useful for halting the traffic.


  • Users cannot block most of the leak tests
  • Confirmation popups cannot be blocked and cannot be interpreted
  • Program does not take predefined permissions.

Bottom Line

Sygate Personal Firewall is a very easy to use application and offers advanced program control with advanced features such as packet logging, email notifications, user defined rules for enhanced protection. It is an excellent program to safeguard the computer from malicious programs and suspects because of strong protection features and facility of user defined rules for better protection of system.

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Publisher’s Description

Sygate Personal Firewall provides enhanced security and intuitive interface to protect the system from hackers, DoS attacks and Trojans. The added features of protocol driver protection, enhanced logging, ICS support and many more have enhanced the security in improved manner. The program offers high level protection from malicious programs and code instructions to keep the information private and safe in the computer.

Change Log

There are some unspecified updates in recent version of application and it has also fixed some minor bug fixes.


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