Thunderbird – Free Download for PC and Mac OS X

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If you are looking for a featured program, which may help you to make secure, quick and easy e-mailing then you can choose Mozilla Thunderbird. It gives you plenty of quick and safe emailing options, for example spam filter, RSS reader, advance search, and similar other. Thunderbird is solely designed to keep your system safe and secure from serious security threats and infections, it also stops the garbage e-mails to be received in your account.

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You can explore numerous useful features of thunderbird, which can actually make your e-mailing smooth including – the tabbed e-mailing, quick search tool, mail content management, brilliant envelopes, support for multiple browsers including Firefox, a rearranged setup wizard and innovate garbage protection, which may help you to keep away from phishing and spam using certain filters.

Key Features of Thunderbird:

Tabbed e-mailing:

With the tabbed emailing option, you will find your e-mail content in an organized way, it creates some parallel tabs corresponding to inbox, where you can assign promotional categories of email to receive. For example, you create ‘Social’ tab where you can assign mails being received from social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Archived Feature:

Thunderbird gives the potential to archive messages – that is, to move them from the default message manager to a private envelop without erasing the messages. This makes it simple to compose filter or move them out from device without accessing them, this way you can keep your Inbox clean.

Quick Search:

If you have used Gmail account and its search option then you consider the functionality quick search the same. If you type a couple of words in the search bar, it will find out even a single file placed anywhere in the program matching with the keyword typed in the search. This is really a useful option of the program.

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Quick Filter Toolbar:

With this feature, you can filter all your received e-mails very quickly. Start typing the keywords in the Quick Filter box and click the search button, and shortly the results will be displayed in the program desktop. This feature offer you to filter your e-mails by recently received messages, people and tags in your contact library. The program also enable you to use “Pin” or “Filter” option which will keep receiving the messages of party whose email address has been assigned in the filter by you.

Open Source

Similar as the Mozilla Firefox, the Thunderbird software is also an open source, this way thousands of passionate developers may work on the program algorithm, various experienced developers have the opportunity to understand and create more advanced program of this category using thunderbird. The openness of Mozilla with its active community of developers helps people to build their trust on Mozilla products. Thunderbird is a more secure and timely updated software. You can utilize it for free and make the email-access safer. The Junk mail tools offered by thunderbird are updated and more advance than any other tools featuring spam or anti-phising security.


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