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Looking for a complete package of instant messaging tools with easy to use interface? Try Yahoo! Messenger. Well, it is just not an instant messaging application but it offers you a series of options that may found fruitful in both individual and commercial use. You can make video calls, audio calls, text messages, share doc files, stickers, and expressive emoticons in this single package.

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Features of Yahoo Messenger:

Keep Connected With Friends:

Previously you may have used Yahoo messenger just to send and receive text messages, but recently it has evolved a number of versatile features within through which can share Videos, Audios, Media photos, and also make video calls. The application is also offering number of customization options in the field of changing skin of the interface or setting up the features of application navigations, for example message alert tones, sounds on/off in online gaming and so on.

Installing Yahoo Messenger is not a herculean task, yet it might feel a bit difficult to setup the application using its offline installer. The main thing you would not like while installing the application will be – it asks for making changes with your default browsers, for example it will ask you to change the default search engine, home page URL and similar other prompts. Though it is not certain that if you are denying all these suggestions then Yahoo Messenger would not be installed, thus you may face a bit difficulty, but you can also get over it.

Once you have completed the installation, just input the credentials of account in the required fields and you may successfully sign in to the messenger. Those who are not on yahoo can create their account right from messenger as well. There might be some Yahoo pop out to be faced by you while accessing the messenger, but don’t worry as if you feel annoying with these continuous prompts then you can disable them by choosing the disabling option from the ‘preferences menu’.

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Yahoo messenger can also be assumed as other instant messaging application in the features it offers except some unique features. Talking about the customization of interface of the application, you have got a series of options in the application to make changes with the application, such as you can change the skin of the interface, viewing interface of online contact list and similar other. Likewise, you can personalize your profile too, set your status, change profile picture, share location and so on.

The application has very easy user interface, the chat window you will find quick for sending messages, you can just drag and drop the images into the chat window and it will accept them and send successfully. Similarly you can also make video call and send messages to the private numbers as well. The chat window has a built in player that helps you to listen and watch the audio and video files respectively. One of the most amazing features of the application is you can play games with your friend using yahoo messenger. The application is totally a freeware to use.


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