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Yahoo Widget Engine enables the users to add standalone application with different features, functionalities and content. It saves a lot of time by integrating different standalone applications and also, keep updating the users. The widget engine has over 4,000 desktop widgets which are available online. Most of the widgets work on multiple platforms. There are almost 22 default widgets which includes Yahoo mail, weather forecaster, Wi-Fi checker, iTunes remote, calendar and other utilities. It is very easy to use with good quality of widgets. The new feature of dock customizations is added to the application for better access of users. It is an extensive functionality tool for users and helpful for installing standalone applications for regular activities on web system, etc.


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  • Saves considerable amount of time with integration of standalone applications.
  • Regular activities can be synchronized according to frequency of use.
  • Favourite information can be accessed easily.
  • At-a-glance view of widgets.
  • Personalized updates.
  • Structured and organized widgets.
  • Wide array of widgets for numerous utilities.


Built-in Widgets – The program comes with default widgets and rest can be downloaded according to the requirement of users. The basic widgets provided in program are also popular utilities such as battery day planner, digital clock, mail checker, and Finance and weather checks. Other widgets such as RSS feed readers, webcam views and countdown timers also got popular over the time.

Exceptional Dock Features – The program comes with dedicated heads up display in which it showcases all the widgets in showcase. The widgets are shown in line and structured. The customizable hotkey provides access to the open widgets in lighter way. The dock also enables the users to choose the specific widgets to be shown in HUD mode only. The specific configuration settings can be done for individual widgets with several customization options.

Online Widgets – The program can easily access large number of widgets available on internet and all the utility widgets can be searched by name or purpose. The categories and sub-categories of widgets can also be defined for easy search process.

Bottom Line

Yahoo Widget Engine has various utilities for users and mainly responsible for providing wide options for regular activities. It also comes with gadget gallery for enhanced usability and support small applications in a well manner. The collection of widgets are sufficient for different purposes and activities. Also, the easy internet access can provide numerous options to user for choosing the widgets and installing them in the program. Moreover, the customization options works excellent for users.

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Publisher’s Description

Yahoo Widget Engine is a runtime engine for different operating systems and run small files which are called widgets for utility of program users. The widgets may include calculators, Wi-Fi strength checker, alarm clock, preferred symbols, weather checker, etc. The program has increased the awareness of users with wide options and also, includes video on desktop. It has rich and interactive features within the widgets such as movie clips ad games. The detailed information about security can also be gained before running the new widgets.


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